My Nintendo Switch is Patched

What do I do now?

Available Options

Your Nintendo Switch is unfortunately patched. This is bad since you will not be able to take full advantage of your console. But do not despair, because your console is far from being useless, it is a gaming console and it can still run games after all, isn't it?

Here are listed several available options once you discover that your console is patched.

1. Enjoy your console anyways

As mentioned before, if your Nintendo Switch is patched, you can still enjoy it to play Nintendo games.

You can purchase them in their physical edition from sites like Amazon, if you don't want to play new games at day one, you can find great deals.

If you are on a budget, you can try looking for used copies on second hand marketplaces. Another option if you don't mind the impossibility to resell your games, is to buy a digital edition key to redeem on the Nintendo store.

Websites like HRKGame sell game keys at a fair discount price, I've used their service several times and they are very reliable, sometimes I also got a game at 20 or 30 euros less than its tag price.

2. Find a used 2017 console

If you absolutely want an unpatched Nintendo Switch, you can search for a used unit on eBay or any other second hand marketplace. Unfortunately, 2017 models are very prone to breaking and the quite few working consoles are quite expensive. Even if you manage to get your hands on such a console, how long will it be before it breaks like the other old units?

3. Find a mod chip (Warning: this is ILLEGAL)

If you have a recent console, there were several chips on sale that made your console unpatched. Unfortunately such chips are illegal and the team behind them is facing legal issues due to selling them. Finding one of such chip is practically impossible, and illegal. You've been warned!

In conclusion

Having a patched Nintendo Switch can be annoying, but you can still enjoy playing lots of games!